About SFLE

A coalition of folks that work in or are interested in sexual health education and related fields.

Sexuality and Family Life Educators (SFLE) affirm that sexuality is a part of human life, and that sexual health involves more than the absence of disease and unintended pregnancy. SFLE members value diversity of sexual expression and acknowledge that all people are sexual beings from birth to death.
SFLE believes that responsible sexuality education enables children to mature into healthy adolescents and adults capable of making responsible sexual decisions. This strategy includes medically accurate and up-to-date information.
Effective sexuality education begins with parents as primary educators. Families, schools, community groups, religious organizations, the government, and the media have an obligation to present consistent, accurate, healthy messages. SFLE members recognize and respect a range of cultural and community norms, language, and beliefs regarding sexuality.
SFLE upholds an individual’s right to make healthy and responsible decisions about family planning and contraception. SFLE members support the decision to not have sex , as well as promote programs that teach the skills necessary to negotiate healthy personal relationships.
SFLE, through education, helps to build healthy lives by working to prevent unplanned pregnancies, abusive relationships, sexual violence, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. SFLE, through advocacy, works to promote tolerance and the protection of full civil rights for all individuals.
SFLE acts as an education resource for parents, schools and the community.

SFLE meets monthly on alternating Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. See our calendar for updated meeting information.

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